JOSELITO products are renowned and acclaimed by the top international chefs and culinary critics. JOSELITO is a gem found in the best gourmet restaurants and shops in the world.


“JOSELITO is a unique, perfect cured ham. An unwavering inspiration for those of us who truly love food”. FERRÁN ADRIÁ.

“Joselito ham is Spain’s greatest culinary treasure and one of the finest natural products in the world. Trying Joselito is a unique and unforgettable experience". ROBERT PARKER /The Wine Advocate

“JOSELITO is the most wonderful cured ham in the world, much like Joselito is the most wonderful of people”. JUAN MARI ARZAK/Rest. Arzak

"A chef can only do one thing when he comes across a JOSELITO cured ham: turn off his stove and join the party inherent in this delicious product". CARME RUSCALLEDA/Rest. Sant Pau

"My home isn’t complete without JOSELITO ham, for enjoying with my loved ones". PEDRO SUBIJANA/Rest. Akelarre

“José, you are a steadfast champion of your region’s cuisine and of the best pork products that can be found anywhere in the world”. MARTÍN BERASATEGUI /Rest. Martín Berasategui

“If there is a symbol in our world that best represents the essence of gastronomic virtue, it is cured ham. Tradition, culture, technique, art and pleasure are all layered within each delicately-cut slice”. ANDONI LUIS ADURIZ/Rest. Mugaritz

“Joselito, your name and your cured ham are a jewel of Spanish gastronomy”. HILARIO ARBELAITZ/Rest. Zuberoa

“The authenticity of a brand comes from the human quality of the person behind that brand. I have no doubt that JOSELITO is, in the widest possible sense, the culinary product that best represents the culture of our country. A culture of rigour, quality, professionalism and passion”. QUIQUE DACOSTA/ Rest. El Poblet.

“The rich man is not the one who owns many things, but rather he who needs nothing, much like cured ham, the greatest personal creation joining nature and art. Thank you, Joselito, for bringing such joy to my palate”. JOSEAN ALIJA / Rest. Guggenheim. Bilbao

“The essence of deliciousness, Joselito”. JOSEAN ALIJA/Rest. NERUA

“JOSELITO is the Fernando Alonso of cured ham”. PEDRO MORÁN / Rest. Casa Gerardo

“A subtle aroma that wakes up our kitchen, murmurs that stop short when the blade falls, an incomparable flavour invading the palate. Words are unnecessary; we are enjoying a delicious ham, a JOSELITO ham. Our thanks, to a true master”. PEDRO MARIO and OSCAR MANUEL PEREZ / Rest. El Ermitaño

“Emotion, passion, admiration…JOSELITO”. JOSE POLO and TOÑO PËREZ / Rest. Atrio.

“A thinly-sliced JOSELITO Gran Reserva ham is like taking a stroll through paradise”. RAFAEL GARCÍA SANTOS / Lo mejor de la gastronomía

“I discovered the best cured ham, at JOSELITO”. ORIOL DOMÉNECH / Dom Pérignon ambassador in Spain.

“For me, JOSELITO is the best representation of traditional products and Spanish craftsmanship. Its acorn-rich aroma makes our ideas soar and enriches our kitchens”. NILS HENKEL / Restaurant Dieter Muler, Bergisch Gladbach

“Spanish cuisine is ‘avant-garde meets tradition’, and JOSELITO is the best tradition within this innovation”. KOLJA KLEEBERG / Rest. VAU

“There is an entire culture of cured ham, and the best ambassador of this culture is JOSELITO. Cured ham is good, but JOSELITO’s cured ham is beautiful. We are grateful for these exceptional moments with these exceptional products, which are the best example of a unique know-how, passed down from generation to generation. We shall meet again soon. We shall meet for new adventures”. DOMINIQUE RENARD / CEO of Château Petrus

“JOSELITO, terroir, tradition, love, passion, perfection, sharing, generosity…someone who doesn’t like things to be done without him. José Gómez cultivates perfection without measuring his time. Through his commitment and his natural culinary genius, he has understood the path to eternity”. PASCAL DELBECK / Oenologist, Château Tour du Pas Saint-Georges

“Uma mesa rodeada de amigos e alegria so podia ser acompañada de enchidos e carnes Joselito, a fuisa, o paladares e o charismo sas os perfectos aliados para una refiçao perfeitas. Obrigado Joselito”. VINCENT FARGES / (One Michelin Star) Restaurante Fortaleza Do Guincho

“Art, emotion and a union that cannot be described, only felt. Art like this is truly sublime. Thank you”. LUIS BAENA / Restaurante Manifiesto and Hoteles Tivoli, 34 Hoteles, Portugal and Brazil