Buy acorn-fed iberian ham

BUY ACORN-FED SPANISH HAM " Jamon Iberico de Bellota"

Acorn-fed Iberian ham is the king of all ham, and quite possibly the finest product of Spanish cuisine.

The quality of spanish jamón ibérico is thanks to:

Breed: These Iberian pigs are an ancient breed, which has remained pure and grown used to the Spanish woods and meadows.

Diet: These animals are raised in freedom and fed a natural diet of acorns and wild grasses.

The curing process: Patience and poise are necessary order to produce Iberian cured ham. For the finest quality products, the curing process takes over 36 months, and can even extend to around 52.

The purity of the breed, the scarcity of the Spanish pasturelands and the sheer length of the curing process bestows our acorn-fed Iberian hams with an exclusivity fully consistent with its quality.

jamon iberico bellota

Jamon Espanol Bellota

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