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Spanish Ham is a highly appreciated product in the Spanish gastronomy, and it can be classified in three subgroups:

  • Acorn-fed Iberian Ham
  • Iberian Ham
  • Serrano Ham

Jamon de Bellota (Acorn-fed Ham) is a singular product originating from Iberian race, its name indicates these animals nutrition, mainly based on acorn and field products. Iberian race is bred in Spanish meadows, cork and holm oak forests, where they can freely graze. The upbringing of these animals and ham’s handmade manufacturing grant the product extreme quality, obtaining a ham exclusive for the best cuisines.

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Jamon Iberico (Iberian Ham),coming from “pata negra” pigs, is an excellent ham of gentle flavor. Jamón Ibérico stands out for its singular and distinguishable texture, aroma and flavour, being delicate, slightly salty and sweet and with a nice aroma.

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Serrano Ham, the most enjoyable of our hams, is produced in Spanish mountains, where the harsh temperature changes confer a strong character to the ham. Jamon Serrano is essential in the famous TAPAS and goes with hundreds of dishes in Spanish cuisine.

Spanish products to relish, to enjoy the life:
Spanish cuisine offers products of very high quality. After ham comes chorizo, different types of cheese and countless cold meats, all of them with different characters and flavours result of Spain’s uneven orography, all of them washed down with the wines produced in this land bathed in the sun.

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Certificates of origin (D.O.)

  • D.O. Jamon de Huelva: Acorn-fed iberian ham elaborated in Huelva’s mountains (Andalucia), in the towns of Jabugo: Cumbres Mayores, Jabugo, Cortegana…
  • D.O. Jamon del valle de los Pedroches,: lCórdoba’s old meadows produce some of the best hams in Spain
  • Jamon Iberico D.O.* Guijuelo: this production zone in Salamanca’s region produces more than half of Spain’s ham production.
  • Jamon Iberico D.O.* Dehesa de Extremadura: the meadows of Caceres and Badajoz occupy more than a million hectares, which are used to produce jamón de Bellota and jamon Iberico.
  • Jamon serrano D.O.* Trévelez: situated in Alpujarras’ mountains, in Granada, their hams are excellent.
  • Jamon Serrano D.O.* Teruel: produces hams originating from Landrace and Large White race.
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