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Buying cured Iberian ham over the internet has never been this safe or this easy. Ibericdream ships hams and Iberian products all over Europe, so you can order with confidence and security.

Jamon Iberico, Cured Iberian ham

Iberian Ham

Iberian ham is an exquisite, richly flavoured variety of cured ham that conjures up images of warm, Spanish landscapes. Iberia ham comes from an ancient breed of pigs only found in the Iberian Peninsula, known as Iberian pigs or Pata Negra (black-hoof pigs).

Quality and Tradition

This exceptional ham is cured using natural methods, for as long as four years. Its traditional production process is what gives it its intense flavour, making it one of the best dishes Spanish cuisine has to offer.
Our selection is made up of Iberian hams from the very best national producers, chosen for their commitment to quality and tradition so that we can guarantee you'll be satisfied with your purchase.

Iberian Bellota ham

Bellota Ham

Bellota ham (meaning “acorn ham”) is the flagship of Spanish cuisine and has a privileged spot in every restaurant and family meal. It is considered to be a cultural and gastronomic icon. Its curing process is viewed as a sacred art and has been transmitted from generation to generation for millennia.

Free-range pigs

Iberian bellota ham comes from free-range Iberian pigs, fed a diet of acorns and bred in the Spanish dehesa pastoral ecosystem. Ibericdream offers the very best, carefully selected bellota hams at great prices.

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Jamon iberico tapas

Jamon serrano

Serrano ham is a delicious, completely artisanal variety of ham that is cured in open barns amidst Spanish mountain ranges, marked by sharp differences in the changing of the seasons.

The king of all “tapas”

Serrano ham is a must-have at every bar and restaurant, a regular companion of patatas bravas and croquettes, always washed down with a beer, a glass of wine and a healthy dose of fun.
Ibericdream's Serrano hams are all cured for a minimum of 9-12 months, with a special added touch: we cure them for an extra 18 months, intensifying their already-delicious flavour.

Care-free transportation

Our products are shipped vacuum packed in individual boxes. We rigorously comply with sanitary regulations. You may choose from a selection of transport options depending on how soon you need your product. We ship everywhere in the European Union.


If your product is defective, we will replace it or give you your money back. See warranty conditions


Mary & Simon

founders ibericdream

Ibericdream is an online gourmet shop specialised in the jewel of Spanish cuisine: ham.
Mary Cook, an Australian adventurer and globe-trotter, and Simon Meyer, a British engineer for a multinational company, met each other at a popular tapas restaurant in Barcelona.

Iberic Dream

Together they came up with Iberic (Iberian, in Catalan) Dream, and in collaboration with Ibericsa (an Iberian products distribution company based in Barcelona) they have been selling gourmet products throughout Europe since 2009.